The Brothers Connolly

Chris Jack

Huomenta…Good Morning! (Or Good Evening, depending on your time zone.)

Late Thursday night, Chris and I picked up his brother Jack, at the Helsinki airport. Jack’s season has ended and he was able to come see us in Finland–our final visitor here in Tampere, for this season. Although I wish I was able to stay and hang out with two of my favorite Connolly’s, I am about to board my first of three flights, bound for Minnesota, USA!
Nordic Pub
Last night, Chris, Jack and I enjoyed dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Tampere–Napoli! After devouring what we all agreed to be the best pizza we’ve ever had, we headed over to the nearby Nordic Gastropub for some drinks. The brothers will no doubt enjoy their upcoming week together–they kept each other and me laughing hysterically, thus far!

Tappara will begin their first of a potential seven game series for the Championship round, starting Monday night! And in case you were all wondering, C’s leg is healing well.

Cheers to a great 9 months here! Moi Moi, Suomi. Xo

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