Sushi In Finland

Ice Skating

How was everyone’s weekend?

Our’s was great, here in Tampere. Chris had Saturday and Sunday off–a well deserved break before playoffs start, this week.


Friday we went out for sushi at our favorite sushi restaurant here in the city. It’s very good and totally what you’d expect for sushi in Finland–lots of smoked salmon rolls and shrimp salad with dill. After dinner we decided to stop for a drink, and we tried a new pub nearby.

Maruseki Maruseki


C had brought home both pairs of his skates and so Saturday afternoon we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and warmer temperatures and went ice skating. This time, we skated at a nearby rink–the ice was like glass and music was playing on the outdoor speakers, which just added to the fun!

Ice SkatingIce Skating

Ice Skating




Happy Monday!!

7 Comments on “Sushi In Finland

  1. Cutesy works, too, Jude…LOL!! Seriously, you guys look right at home. It’s so fun and interesting to read your blogs and see the pictures you take. That really looks like a wonderful sushi restaurant. I’m not big on it, but I know I would love the smoked salmon & shrimp. Keep posting, Lindsay. Between you and Judy, that’s the only way we can keep up with you guys. Good luck in playoffs, Chris!

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