Six To Eight Weeks

Tappara 61

Hey ya’ll…TGIF!


I’m happy to report that Tappara won on Wednesday night, and will be advancing to the semi-final round!

However, when I had stated that, “C could use a little break before the next series starts,” I did NOT mean that literally.¬†Unfortunately, about three minutes into Wednesday’s game, that’s just what he got–in the form of a fractured ankle. Let me tell you, that is so horrible to see, as a loved one, watching from the stands. I couldn’t tell you much of what happened in the game after that, as I was anxiously waiting to hear from him or someone about what exactly had happened.

We are looking at this whole situation from the bright side though, as it happened at a time that won’t affect his summer training or next season. And it could have been so much worse…I am beyond grateful that it was not a life-altering injury. Muscles and bones heal, and he will be as good as new in about six to eight weeks, which will fly by! (Plus, I will get to watch the games WITH him for the next couple of weeks!)¬†Chris has had a tremendous rookie season and I could not be more proud of him!!


Hard to believe Easter weekend is here! Finland and all of Europe takes their holidays quite seriously and all businesses/stores (except bars, of course) will be closed today through Tuesday. Do any of you have any fun plans or traditions?


Sending you all positive Easter thoughts–have a great weekend and a Hoppy Easter! xo




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