Family Fun In Finland!


As previously mentioned, my family came to visit Chris and I, a few weeks ago! It felt like forever since I had seen them last–pretty sure I cried when they arrived and again when it was time for them to leave.

My family was here for a week, (not long enough if you ask me), but Chris and I did our best to be great tour guides and show them around Tampere. We dined out at several favorite restaurants around town, we took my Dad, Mom and sister up to the Näsinneula, to over look the frozen Lake Näsijärvi and caught a spectacular sunset. C and I took my family to the Pyynikki observation tower, overlooking the world’s largest esker and afterwards, my Dad and sister were able to try “Finland’s best munkki” or doughnut, in English. (Mom had previously tried the munkki when both the Moms were here.) Also that week, C had three games played at home, which worked out perfectly. I should also mention that my sister had only been engaged for a week when they arrived and I could not have been more excited to congratulate and squeeze her and celebrate with all of us together! (I was also quite excited to catch an up-close glimpse at her very sparkly new accessory!)


Overall, my family being here in Finland was just what I needed. All of my favorite people in one city–doesn’t happen often enough! We made some great memories, played lots of games, watched a lot of hockey, and laughed a lot, of course!!


Thank you SO much, Dad, Mom and Annie for coming to visit Chris and I, here in Finland. We are now looking forward to seeing you all again in a few short months, when we return home!!




Super Bowl in Finland


Moikka, friends!

I hope you all had a spectacular weekend. It was a fairly quiet one around here.

Sunday, Chris and I spent the day relaxing and catching up with one of our favorite people on Skype…Hi, B! After dinner we went over to our good friends’ new apartment, here in Tampere, and hung out for a bit. The Super Bowl was playing live on TV at 1AM, and I did my best to stay up for kick-off. I wanted so badly to stay up and watch Beyoncé in the half-time show, but I could barely make it through the second quarter. (C couldn’t even stay up for the pre-game coverage.) Also, watching the SB live in Finland means no U.S. ads during commercial breaks…how lame is that?!

I woke up this morning and Chris updated me on the final score–must have been some second half, blackout and all! I then watched Bey and Destiny’s Child perform while drinking my morning coffee…not exactly the way I wanted to watch the Super Bowl and half-time, but hey, at least I saw some of it!

Did anyone have a favorite Super Bowl ad this year?


Happy Monday!!











Back in Business!


I hope those of you who read this blog, have not lost all hope. (Admittedly, I almost did.)


I have encountered some recent technological hiccups with both my computer and my phone. Thankfully, one of my two lifelines was restored to all of it’s glory today, all the credit to some wonderful Finnish Apple service employees! My phone may just have to wait until I return to the States, which is fine.

I believe in my last post, (two–yikes–weeks ago,) I mentioned that Chris and I were awaiting the arrival of my family. We had SUCH a blast while they were here!  Thank you again, Dad, Mom and Annie, for spending the week in this part of the world!! (More on that next week, as I am still organizing those photos.)

This past week has been quite warm–above freezing, and as I’m told, quite mild for the end of January in Finland. No complaints about that! I took Chris to a great little bistro just around the corner from our apartment, for lunch this week. (I had been there once before with my family.) We also tried a new coffee shop, which was fun. I love finding new places to dine or have coffee, as they are a bit hard to come by–unless you would like reindeer, potatoes and sausage for every meal. Except breakfast–then you have the option of a deli sandwich. No judgements if that’s what you enjoy, but let’s just say none of the aforementioned chow would be my first choice.

Also, Chris’ team acquired two new imports: both Canadian, both with wives. I met one, who was sweet as pie, unfortunately her husband’s contract with Tappara was temporary, and they were off to a team in Switzerland just as soon as they arrived in Finland. I am looking forward to meeting the other Canadian’s wife this coming week. It’s sounds crazy, but it’s sort of comforting to know that someone else is around to talk to that will happily converse with you, without hesitation.

C had a home game last night and has an away game tomorrow, which made for a nice relaxing Friday night. I plan to spend my morning at the gym tomorrow and then who knows! (It’s amazing how productive one is, sans technology.)


Well, I’m back in business, and I hope I have you all caught up…fingers crossed for no more technological turkeys.

Have a great weekend and stay warm, all you Midwesterners!! xo



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