Valentine’s Day Mani

Valentine's Day mani


I was feeling a little creative yesterday, and had recently been inspired after seeing this post. However, I didn’t have any toothpicks lying around, so I decided to try another method, using a little ingenuity and some Scotch tape. The result was a fun and festive Valentine’s Day manicure!


Here’s what I did:

First, I folded a piece of Scotch tape in half and cut a half-heart shape into the folded seam. Carefully unfold to reveal the heart stencil.

After painting my nails with my favorite red (OPI Big Apple Red) and allowing them to dry fully, I placed the stencil on my fingernail.

I lightly painted a silver-glitter polish (OPI Designer De Better) over the heart and let it sit for a few minutes to dry.

Finally, I slowly peeled the tape off my finger, added my top coat, and VOILA!


Valentine's Day maniValentine's Day mani

Valentine's Day maniValentine's Day mani



This little nail art DIY was super easy–ladies, let me know how it turns out, if you give it a try!


Have a great Wednesday, all!




New Discovery



Well, it was back to our typical routine around here, starting today. Chris’ team has resumed their regular practice schedule after a five day league-wide break. It was a well-deserved break, as he’s always on the go and working/playing hard. I loved having him around hang out around the apartment and also, to go out and about with me, around Tampere.


Yesterday, we had the chance to go check out a new organic market that just opened near us, downtown. Clean and bright inside, it was full of fresh produce, specialty dairy items, unique grocery items, and A TON of gluten free products. This market also stocks eco-friendly bath and body and home cleaning products, vitamins, supplements and even some familiar brands from the States. AND with a cute little café inside, you can stop in for a fresh smoothie or salad.

Both Chris and I came away very pleased with having stopped by the new market. We even picked up a few things while there–organic super berry antioxidant juice for him, organic apple & ginger juice (so delish!) and unsweetened almond milk for her! I was probably the most excited for the almond milk, as I haven’t been able to find it anywhere here. C and I enjoyed some in our afternoon coffees, today!


Only 11 more regular season games left for Tappara. That is SO crazy to think about!


Also, my good friend Alex is featuring guest posts on the subject of LOVE. Today, you can catch my post, over on life. law. luck. Thanks, Al!


Happy Tuesday, to you all.





You’re My Mirror

C+L ice skating


It’s Monday, once again! Did you have a nice and snowy weekend? Well, we sure did!


Friday afternoon, C and the team had a poker tournament. Turns out, poker isn’t really C’s best game, but sounded like they all had a good time. After the poker tourney, the team and staff and wives or girlfriends were all invited to a private get-together at a bar downtown, for dinner, drinks and entertainment. My good friend, Johanna, picked me up and we headed to meet everyone for a fun night out!


Saturday, Chris and I were up and enjoying breakfast, when he suggested going ice skating! Neither of us were feeling up to going to the gym, but something fun and active and outdoors and together sounded perfect. So after bundling up, we headed to the rink to grab C’s skates. I was able to wear his old pair of skates–plus two layers of thick wool socks, and I was good to go…good enough, at least!

Once we got to the lake, it really started to snow, but we were still totally game for our little adventure. Chris laced my skates, then laced his and we took off for the Lake Näsijärvi light house. There were tons of people out skating, cross-country skiing and tromping across the lake–we were both pleasantly surprised with how smooth most of the ice was. Chris I think, was pleasantly surprised with how well I could keep up in his skates…skillz right here, ya’ll! Believe it or not, it was actually our first time ice skating together, and it was a blast!! Totally hilarious and romantical, too. We figured it took us about an hour and a half, there and back, and we probably logged about 4 miles, which is awesome. I hope we can do it again soon!

CL ice skatingL skating NäsijärviC Näsijärvi lighthouseCL Näsijärvi lighthouse

Sunday we spent the morning relaxing, before our dreaded grocery store run. C and I were both having one of those days when we just missed home, and everything about it. However, we perked up after we had a good Sunday supper and watched Silver Linings Playbook! Such a funny, quirky but sweet movie, and the acting was amazing. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you do.

Also, I have a new favorite song that I thought I’d share: Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. I’ve had it on repeat all morning and it’s definitely helped make my Monday even better!



On Hyvä Maanantai!

(Have a good Monday)




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