Sun & Smoothies

L Tampere

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend.

A few weekend highlights–Saturday, while C was playing away, I had an afternoon adventure with the newest import’s wife and three adorable daughters. I totally admire that family–three kids, under the age of six, spending their 10th season in Europe! Let’s just say, I was exhausted after four hours. Also, yesterday was a relaxing Pancake Sunday, and it was delish! (Come visit and I promise I’ll make you pancakes, deal?)

C Tampere

Today, the craziest thing happened…the clouds parted and this bright spherical object appeared, surrounded by clear blue skies. Yes, the SUN actually came out for an hour or so, and it was great! Chris and I decided we needed to attempt to catch some vitamin D, so we went for a walk and ended up heading to the organic grocery, downtown. The temperature was very pleasant and the short period of sunshine and blue sky make it that much better. We came away from our sunny jaunt around downtown Tampere with a couple of smoothies–pretty great afternoon, if you ask me!

C smoothies

LC smoothies


Did you know: From the beginning of December, until now, Tampere has only had about 51 hours of sunlight. It hasn’t been this dark here in 50-some years!


And, FYI, Chris has a mere six, regular season games left!

Have a wonderful rest of your day!!




Caught Up

Tappara fans

Hello, there! How has everyone’s week been thus far?


I feel like I blinked and the weekend was over before it had even started. To be honest, C and I had a rather uneventful weekend, with absolutely nothing going on, aside from hockey.

We made our usual Sunday grocery run, plus another quick errand. Chris was able to successfully figure out how to connect our laptops to our TV. Up until now, we have been confined to downloading movies and watching them on a 13″ computer screen, which is completely fine, but being able to watch a movie of our choice, on the TV, is really quite nice.┬áSo what did we do Sunday and Monday night? Caught up on our current favorite show, Shameless, and watched the movie, Pitch Perfect.

Tonight, Tappara played an away game, and it sounded like it was very exciting–after a crazy shootout, Chris’ team came away with a win! Next up, home game Thursday.


Have a great day!!




Counting Down

Valentine's pizza

It’s Fridayyy! Can you believe we are half-way through February?


I hope your February 14th was spent well and that you received lots of love and hugs!!

Our day was great–Chris was busy all day with practice and happenings at the rink, but we had made plans to continue our Valentine’s Day dinner tradition of make your own HEART pizza’s! I also had made plans of my own, to surprise Chris with homemade cream puffs for dessert, and they turned out better than I had imagined! Such a perfect, low key, laughter filled, delicious food-filled night! Love that Valentine, of mine!!

Today officially begins the countdown of regular season games left, for Chris’s team! Tappara will play away tonight in Espoo, which is just outside of Helsinki, and home here in Tampere, tomorrow evening. C’s game is televised tonight, which is great, as I have plans to watch and cuddle up on the couch with a bowl of homemade soup.


Valentine's 2013


Have a LOVE-ly weekend, everyone!! xo




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