Life Is Full

Ice rink

These past few weeks have flown by!

I thought I’d update you on this weeks happenings via some pictures I’ve snapped along the way.


I was invited to go ice skating with my friend–the other North American’s wife, and the three little darlings

Ice rink

After ice skating we took the girls up to the Pyynikki Tower for a munkki (Finnish doughnut) and kaakao (hot cocoa). Turns out, you can pay to repel down the tower

Pyynikki climber

Our grocery store has undergone a little renovation and C and I happened upon the newly added American section…er, corner

American section

The sun has been making up for lost time, as of late–the red steeple in the background is the Tampere Cathedral. Fun fact: Chris’ maternal great-grandmother was baptized there

Downtown Tampere

We’ve enjoyed some delicious meals and made ice cream sundae’s–believe it or not, all gluten and lactose free


Kale salad

Ice cream sundae

Tappara finished their regular season in 2nd place…such a great experience so far


We received a Thank You note in the mail and I love the saying on the front. Fits us perfectly I think





Hope you’re all having a wonderful week!!



One Comment on “Life Is Full

  1. Omg sooo love the card!! Such a true statement! Thank you for posting the pic of g-ma’s church steeple! Wish my mom was alive to see these awesome pics and see what you two are experiencing.

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