Playoff hockey is in full swing, and I’m loving it!┬áChris has played four games in the past six days, and Tappara will play their fifth and (hopefully) final game of the series, tomorrow night. Keep your fingers crossed…C could use a little break before the next series starts. (The player high-fiving the goalie in the picture below is Chris…not sure how I managed to captured it, but I love it!)



Today we decided to have lunch at one of our favorite little bistros. The salads there are so good…the company was pretty great too! Afterwards, Chris and I walked to the Kauppahalli. It was super busy so we didn’t stay for long, just long enough to grab a green juice and admire some bright blooms and Easter bouquets. I’m thinking I’ll have to go back for some daffodils–they’re my Springtime favorite!!


Kauppa FlowersKauppa Flowers

Green Lemonade



I hope you’re all doing well–keep your fingers crossed for a win tomorrow night for Tappara!



(Feat. Image via Antti Kangas)

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